When talking does make a difference?

SmarterCalls a provider of high quality conference calling and collaboration products is really making sure talking does make a difference by launching EveryMinute.

EveryMinute is a unique service for charities and social enterprises where they raise money by encouraging supporters to arrange conference calls with SmarterCalls. Any revenue generated is shared with the charity.

This is a fantastic idea, not only are you reducing carbon emissions by conference calling and not travelling but you’d be raising money for a good cause. All without spending anymore than you would on a regular conference call.

Strawberries exceptions to the rule?

Does increased yield, quality and reduced agrichemical useage lead to a reduced carbon footprint for strawberries grown in polytunnels compared to those grown outdoors? In seems not, recent analysis by 383ppm for a major strawberry producer produced an interesting conclusion.

Surprisingly, despite a greater yield per hectare strawberries grown in polytunnels have higher carbon emissions than those grown outside (78g of CO2 per kilo versus 17g of CO2 per kilo for Class 1). Our data and scope were limited but this disparity between the two production methods are so great that we don’t expect the inclusion of future data to change the overall conclusion. In hindsight perhaps it’s not so surprising - strawberries are relatively light and the polythene used for polytunnels is heavy with the embodied carbon you’d expect of a material made from crude oil.

Some ideas - use renewable alternatives to polythene or materials which don’t need to be replaced as often.

Amjad Karim, 26th January 2011

383ppm's 1.6 MW AD Facility get's the Green Light

Energy for Future Generations, a renewable energy company established by our Green Energy practice has secured planning consent and raised several million pounds of construction finance for it’s first Anaerobic Digestion plant. The 1.6 MW plant will generate enough electricity to power over 4,000 homes and heat a further 3,500 and will be in operation by the end of the year.

Our Green Energy practice has a clear understanding of what makes an energy project commercially viable, our Green Light Criteria, and deep knowledge of the available technologies from small scale <100kW to large commercial power generation schemes. We complete feasibility studies, secure finance and project manage the delivery of projects.

If you’d like to speak to 383ppm about your energy project please contact Amjad Karim of 383ppm and Director of Energy Future Generations.

Carbon Emissions and Meaningful Labels

ethical labels, apple, carbonThere are a plethora of ethical food labels now facing the consumer, carbon labelling being one of the latest. To make a lasting impact these schemes will need to communicate a clear philosophy and show meaningful long term change.

Amjad Karim of 383ppm was recently invited to speak at Interpoma 2010 about his thoughts and experiences in this field. Slides from the presentation are attached.

Environmental Engineer and Fulbright Scholar Joins the Team

khalidKhalid Kadir served as the Projects Director for the University of California Berkeley chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World. As Projects Director, he oversaw five projects focused on providing technical solutions to social and environmental problems. Khalid joins 383ppm to help our clients develop innovative ways to increase sustainability and reduce emissions.

383ppm invited to become a Forum for the Future Partner

ffflogoThe Chi Group is the first small company invited to join Forum for the Future’s Business Network. Established in 1996 Forum for the Future is a non-profit organisation which has been helping some of the largest organisations find their way to a sustainable and successful future.

East Malling Research

emrlogoWe're delighted to announce East Malling Research (EMR) as our Horticultural Science Partner. EMR is a leading provider of scientific research to the food industry. It provides research, innovation and science-based solutions to enable sustainable horticulture and to develop land-based industries.

Having EMR on board allows 383ppm to offer our clients access to leading scientific knowledge and expertise when exploring ideas for GHG emission reduction. To learn more about EMR

Carbon Trust Methodology

The Carbon Trust has been working hard developing a methodology for calculating the GHG emissions due to a particular product or service. Known as PAS 2050, it is currently going through a consultation exercise before being finalised. 383ppm has prepared a primer on the PAS 2050 explaining briefly what it means, click on the icon to download it.

pdfPAS 2050 Primer Draft

Lord Selborne, Former President of the Royal Geographical Society, Praises 383ppm

Lord Selborne, Chairman of Blackmoor Estates had this to say about 383ppm's work for the Estate.

"Having participated in the House of Lords scrutiny of the UK Climate Change bill I was delighted to know that
383ppm would help our orchard business to reduce its carbon footprint. The team achieved a sharp learning curve on the finer points of fruit growing. Their advice is proving invaluable"

Tommy Leighton of FPJ interviews 383ppm

Fresh Produce Journal, the leading weekly magazine for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry interviewed James and Amjad on 383’s mission and their work at Blackmoor.

To download the article click on the icon
pdf FPJ Reduce Carbon...