383ppm is a research and solutions provider, on behalf of our clients we undertake industry leading analysis of carbon emissions. We develop and implement abatement options involving process reengineering, commercially viable low carbon technologies and micro-generation.

Carbon Modeling
We undertake modeling of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions at an industry and company level. Applying recognized methodologies we provide analysis which help clients gain a deep understanding of their energy/emissions profile. Our models then support clients to evaluate the relative impact of alternative strategies on emissions, energy usage and financial performance.

Solutions Design
We explore opportunities to reduce emissions, energy and cost by exploiting our diverse skills and our clients understanding of their business. Our aim is to develop a variety of options involving changes to process and the use of technology, each is evaluated based upon carbon saving and Return on Investment (ROI). Options are grouped into cohesive strategies based upon the synergies between them.

The intended benefits of an emissions reduction strategy will never be realised, without a successful implementation programme.
383ppm is able to manage all aspects of an implementation including project initiation, supplier and change management as well as sourcing the appropriate sustainable technologies